We are an approved MOT Test Centre


MOT tests are due 3 years after your vehicle was first registered and then every year thereafter.

Tests can be carried out up to 1 month prior to the certificate expiring.


BE AWARE:  If your MOT has expired you can't drive your vehicle on the road or you could be prosecuted if caught.  The only exception is if you have already booked an MOT and you are driving your vehicle to the test centre.


At RJ Sutton Engineering we carry out MOT tests on both cars, vans up to 3,000kg (gross vehicle weight) and motorbikes.  Appointments are available Monday to Friday.


To book an appointment please call 01780 782577 or email us at office@suttonengineering.com 

Help Avoid a Failure!

There are common reasons for your vehicle failing its test.  The top 5 reasons are:

1) Screen wash not topped up.  Make sure you check this beforehand

2) The car was dirty or full of clutter.  Clean the mess from the car & the boot beforehand and give the mirrors and windows a quick wipe

3) A registration plate problem. Incorrect type face/spacing or dirty, missing number plates will result in failure.  If you have a personalised plate make sure it adheres to DVLA rules

4) Windscreen stickers blocking the driver's view.  Make sure anything stuck to the windscreen is outside the wiper's sweep area

5) Lit-up warning light on the dashboard.  If you have any warning lights showing on the dashboard make sure you know what they mean and sort any underlying problems prior to the MOT test

Top Tips for Bikers!


The most common reasons for failing a motorbike test are having a license plate that is the wrong size, and not having a rear reflector.

Make sure you have both right before booking your test!



If you have any questions about the MOT test for your vehicle please ask us.